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“Thoroughly enjoyed all of training with you. Awesome weekend and time spent here. Will recommend to others to do it.”

Feedback from WA Godly Play Training

“Thank you. A most enjoyable and moving and challenging 3 days. I don’t think I will ever be quite the same person again! (and that’s not just because of the wonderful food!)”

Feedback from WA Godly Play Training

“Godly Play has completely transformed faith formation in our parish and I would completely recommend it to any church.” Father Chris Bedding, St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church, Darlington WA (2 years after training)"

Feedback from WA Godly Play Training

For every ending there is a new beginning and for every beginning there is an ending ... as 2013 ends and 2014 begins Godly Play Australia wishes everyone the joy and peace of the Christmas season, and that as the Christmas light spreads thinner and thinner until you can't see it at all, it continues to be with you so that anywhere you go, you can come close.

Happy New Year!