There are some downloadable resources below, including keynote talks given by Rev Dr Andrew Sheldon at Godly Play Australia National Conferences.

The materials for telling Godly Play stories are available from licensed suppliers in the UK, US and Germany. Materials that are made in Australia may not be of the same standard and quality. Check before buying to ensure that you are buying the materials recommended to use with Godly Play scripts and stories. The suppliers below make certain wooden materials which can sometimes be used in Godly Play stories. Please contact Judyth if you have questions.

Godly Play Australia booklet

Download Godly Play booklet (PDF 2.8mb)

Godly Play Australia brochure


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Guest Lecture by Rev’d Canon Dr Andrew Sheldon


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Lecture by Rev’d Canon Dr Andrew Sheldon


Download Lecture (PDF 85kb)

Creation FREE download

Keynotes from National Conference September 2015


Godly Play The Way for Today (ZIP)

Godly Play Session as Feast (ZIP)

The Faces of Easter story plaques:

Please when printing, remember to stick the last two together.

Chalice Sets

Beautifully crafted silver finish chalice sets, consisting of a goblet and plate, available from Carolyn Handley

Cost: $42 including postage within Australia or  $41 US dollars including postage to North America. Contact Carolyn for details on how to pay.

$30 at training or events

Woodenmind  (SA)

Barossa Valley SA. 0499 251 244 or (08) 8581 1491.

Peter and his son create beautiful wooden materials which are suitable for Godly Play including nativity suitable for Holy Family and Montessori people suitable for People of God.

Note: Not all the materials sold are Godly Play approved.

Godly Play Logos

Godly Play I Wonder logo


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Godly Play Australia (one line)


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Godly Play Australia (square)


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